1. Topics (matching with input queries) with readymade queries are provided as search results as the first USP of our search engine (along with URL, images and videos).

  2. We provide maximum topics in front of your eyes on two menu bars. An almost complete search engine on two menu bars (Second USP) is provided, along with many more topics in database.

  3. Topic with readymade queries provides the easiest way to work on mobile (third USP). No need to type.

  4. Queries are customizable. You can append the required country (default India), other text or edit as per requirement.

  1. Free and ad submissions (URL, image, video and services are accepted per query).

  2. Free submissions are displayed on the front page query wise for few days (10 days to 1 month) (fourth USP).

  3. Information owner saves money of advertisement and increases business as on the front page.

  4. Services like local, global, import-export etc. are provided

  5. Many more features for information owners to increase their business.